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My Approach

Whether in therapeutic connection with clients or in supervisory or collegial relationships, I believe authenticity is crucial to build trust and engage in growth. I seek to build authentic connection in the therapeutic relationship and see this relationship as essential for humans in building a deeper connection with the self as a reservoir of their own power.

I believe deeply in the power of relational psychotherapy as a tool for healing, personal growth, and community change. I utilize trauma-informed practices from a queer and anti-racist perspective, incorporating Attachment and Psychodynamic theories. My work with clients is relational, and I integrate mindfulness, harm reduction, and embodied psychotherapy techniques that illuminate the connection between mind, body, and central nervous system, with consent.

Rooted in social work values and ethics, I believe that ethical clinical practice is necessarily intertwined with the larger pursuit of social justice. As such, it is essential to contextualize my clients’ and supervisees’ experiences within systems of oppression and the trauma they inflict. Practicing clinical social work as a white, queer, non-binary, and transmasculine clinician, my ever-continuing work to know myself allows me to utilize relational theory to connect with the feeling states of humans who have been othered as well as understand identities of privilege and power that can and will show up in the therapeutic relationship. I see it as my responsibility to continually examine the influence of my own identities on the unique relationship with each individual client.

I am committed to confidentiality and transparency in therapeutic relationships. We will collaborate to understand how to keep your information safe and private, as well as discussing the limitations of confidentiality in a therapy setting.

All services are currently offered over HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.

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