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Transformative Psychotherapy LLC

therapy for all

It is a strength to ask for help.

Couples/Family Psychotherapy

Support is love. Love is support.

Youth/Adolescent Psychotherapy

Bloom from the beginning.

Clinical Supervision

Lifelong learning.

Consulting and Training

Grow toward your goals.

About Me

My name is Emet Bergman (they/them/elle pronouns). 

My Approach

Whether you are seeking support around a particular question or area for growth, or searching for a space to figure out what the questions are, you are welcome here. Transformative Psychotherapy LLC provides a collaborative and individualized approach to meet your needs.


Knowledge is a crucial step in the transformation process. Developing self knowledge is a lifelong journey. I have included several resources to support folx seeking further information:

Emet is a thoughtful, skilled facilitator who creates safe spaces for exploration, growth and learning.  They bring a calming energy to their work that helps clients make important connections and breakthroughs about themselves and the world around them.

- Steph Love, David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

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